Bindon Design Group draws on extensive years of experience in the Design and Construction industry to consistently provide effective solutions to clients throughout the Pacific, Asia and North America.

Our practice has developed a unique combination of business and design expertise to produce architectural designs ranging from Residential Homes, Apartments, to Commercial and Educational buildings.

Our philosophy is to “do it right the first time.” Constantly optimizing quality reduces rework, minimises errors and successfully meets clients briefs and project completion times. Each design is unique to each client and adpated to suit the environment to which it rests. 

Contemporary or Classic - we believe in our environment and use New Zealand landscape/s as our inspiration to create appealing clean, clear and simple forms that provide indoor / outdoor living, connecting people wiith nature. Using a fundamental and practical four corner design approach design + environment + quality + cost we can make your dreams become a reality. 



Grant Bindon Architect

I get excited about architecture and creating spaces. My hope for the future is that through our design work we leave a lasting footprint that can be enjoyed by many future generations. 

When I am not designing, I am a husband and personal uber driver for my son who is currently playing for the LAFC Football Academy in Los Angeles. Otherwise I enjoy getting outdoors, love my golf or sitting down with a glass of wine and debating politics, sport and life with my mates.

Mike Langdon



I enjoy seeing the building process evolve from start to finish, seeing designs that challenge convention and break ground through to getting a good finished result with a happy client.


Out of the office I spend a good bit of my time chasing my son around and spending quality time away with the family. I also like to keep an eye on most things to do with sport. I still enjoy dusting the surfboard or golf clubs off and getting out amongst it.

Michael Cyra



I enjoy the challenge of designing buildings and spaces that are both functional and aesthetic. I believe good architecture can really enrich the way we live our lives. I enjoy travelling and experiencing various styles and forms of architecture from different cultures around the world. 


Outside of work I enjoy playing football and spending time with family. I try to turn the digital side of life off and get outside to the beach or park whenever I can.

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.

                                                                                  ~ Frank Lloyd Wright




I appreciate everything Architecture, from the drawing boards to completion - it's a great privilege to be part of a profession that helps create sustainable developments and designs that complement nature and make clients feel the intangible things along with it.


In my free time, I love watching basketball and spending some time with my family. I enjoy reading through and watching articles on BIM and Green Architecture. I enjoy the outdoors and getting to the park on the weekend and riding my bike listening to my favorite music.

Selina Zhou



I am an optimistic, outgoing person and have a great passion for my job.

Integrating the parties involved in the design process is my favourite. Nothing is more enjoyable than matching our clients projects with our excellent designers. Meeting our clients’ expectations and them being completely satisfied is very rewarding to me personally. 

In my leisure time, I really enjoy travelling. I find this time relaxing and it also helps me to be open-minded for different cultures, people and lifestyles.